WKA International Instructors

Brian Crenshaw
Jamie Moore

Pascal Chomet
Francois Fontarosa
Ben Hamilton
Steven Tran

Ernesto Arguedas Ayaucan
Gary King
Elwalid Ali Taha Osman
Dave Sawyer

Mark Fry
Vijay Kumar Soma

Gary Barrett
Olivier Blanco 
Francisco Javier Pajuelo Loyola

Djillali Daut
Gary Sawyer
Martin Vath

Medane Abderahim
Kristen Barrett
Gareth Jenkins
Adolfo Pardo Martin
Adam Meyers
Julien Samson

Sayaf Salah Ali
Mario Rui dos Santos Alves
Cristian Canizares Rivas
Carolyn Carpenter
Jake Clark
Michael Evans
Gilmour Gibson
Rebecca Gruber
Michael Howard
Danielle Teixeira
Casey Tucker

Britnee Addison
Noah Hamilton
Lazaros Tagmatsidis

Instructor Certificates acknowledge trainers, instructors and coaches for the time and skill.

It represents a person’s accomplishments in passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Once an instructor has started instructing, they are eligible for a level 1 certificate, and this includes assistant instructors.

Then to progress, you need to be continually instructing for the same years as the level you wish to move too. I.e. 6 years to level 6