WKA Grading Examiners

Brian Crenshaw
Mark Watton
Dave Sawyer 
Barry Watkis

Sam Allan
Scott Allan
Wojciech Burdanowski
Ashley Hunt
Peter Raymond Hunt
Ricardo Lisboa
Stuart Lowe
Arkadiuse Kaczmarek 
Andy McCracken
Paul Martin
Maurice O'Connor
Steve O'Grady
Gary Sawyer
Wilson Snoddy

  1. Your grading examiners will be listed on this site. Also 
  2. They will have a certificate valid for 3 years which will be embossed from WKA International Office. Like below.
  3. If you are successful in passing your grading, you will be listed under the rank you have achieved. 
  4. You will receive from WKA International a Black Belt certificate and a Black Belt lapel pin.
  5. If you are unsure, please email WKA International Coordinator office at wkauk2019@gmail.com.